World War Blue

WORLD WAR BLUE is a fantasy anime series based on a manga created by Anastasia Shestakova and illustrated by Crimson. Some of the world’s favorite fourth generation 16-bit video games are personified in this animated, medieval fantasy re-imaging of the 90’s console wars when video game companies furiously fought for market share in the retail world. WORLD WAR BLUE tells the saga of two warring kingdoms, the Segwa Kingdom and Ninteldo Empire battling for dominance over the land of Consume. After years of conflict, things are looking grim for the Segwa Kingdom until Gear, a hyper-skilled young warrior, joins the fight! Will Gear be the Segwa’s secret weapon and last hope? 

Rolling in at the speed of sound is the English dub of World War Blue! Kocha Sound is happy to share the various tetriminos at work that helped bring the show together. Look for it on on Blu-ray, DVD and streaming platforms. Purchase it here!

Cast and Crew:

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ADR Director:
Brittany Lauda
Kocha Sound
ADR Writer:
Chris Niosi
ADR Enginer:
Justin Ramos
Recorded at Fever Dreams Sound Factory

Main Cast:
Gear: Matt Shipman
Tejilof: Y. Chang
Nel: Cait Page
Lumses: Theresa Buchheister
Opal: Brittany Lauda

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Supporting Cast:

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Teal: Clifford Chapin
General Alex: Michael Liscio, Jr
Stella: Erica Schroeder
Zelik: Chris Niosi
Marcus/Guligi: Mike Pollock
Fai: AmaLee
Kurvay: Kira Buckland
Narrator: Kyle Hebert
Harris: Adam Rowe


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Billy Bob Thompson
Boyz & Byze:
Jake Paque
Sam Black
Allen Winter
Myomuto & Tejilof’s Monkey:
Ben Diskin
Patry & Young Gear:
Cheryl Li
Keith Silverstein
Meli Grant
Crystal: Michaela Laws

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Additional Voices:

Ian Rubin, Ben Balmaceda, Sam Black, Adam Rowe, Allen Winter, Mike Pollock, Meli Grant, Amanda Lee, Ben Diskin, Tony A. Campbell