Rio Rainbow Gate

RIO: Rainbow Gate is set at a big gambling casino on a lavish island resort and follows the exploits of Rio Rollins, a dealer nicknamed The Goddess of Victory, who brings exceptional luck to gamblers with her magical presence. As a ‘Gate Holder’, Rio holds one of 13 mystical cards and must periodically engage in a series of extreme competitions, called Gate Battles, against other Gate Holders to compete for the title of most valuable casino dealer. The show is filled with colorful characters, wild costumes and exotic settings.

NOTE: Rio Rainbow Gate was a project done in collaboration with Sound Cadence Studios as well as the in-house Media Blasters team and was NOT an exclusive project by Kocha Sound. Please see SCS full credits here, including the Lead ADR Director, Amber Lee Connors. The crew above is for the production team that worked on the recording sessions at Fever Dreams Sound Factory only. 

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Cast and Crew:
ADR Director (NJ):
Brittany Lauda of Kocha Sound
Assistant ADR Director (NJ): Matt Shipman of Kocha Sound
ADR Engineers (NJ): Justin Ramos, Matt Shipman
Cast by both Kocha Sound & Sound Cadence Studios
Additionally, Kocha Sound provided various production & administrative services to Media Blasters for this project.

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Main Cast:
Rio Rollins: Amber Lee Connors
Mint Clark: Amanda Julina

Supporting Cast:
Rina Tachibana: Brittany Lauda
Anya Hellsing: Natalie Hoover
Cartia Goldschmidt: Marissa Lenti
Tom Howard: Mike Pollock
Rosa Canyon: Natalie Van Sistine
Elle Adams: Amanda Lee
Ille Adams: Caitlynn French
Linda: Sarah Anne Williams
Mr. Clark: Todd Haberkorn
Dana: Michelle Rojas
Tiffany: Melissa Sternenburg

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Jack Mighty: Kira Buckland
Queen: Michele Knotz
King: Matt Shipman
Yang-Yang: Cheryl Li
Bull Hard: Billy-Bob Thompson
Orlin Dunhill: Jason Marnocha
Elvis: Vic Mignogna
Joker: Meli Grant
Carlos: Anthony Sardinha
Robert: Eddy Lee
Jane: Felecia Angelle
Irina: Emily Fajardo
Ray: Howard Wang
Charlie: Nick Landis

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Additional Voices:
Aria Lynn, Ben Singer, Chad James, Chris Guerrero, Grant Smith, Greg Nugent, Hazel Summer, Jennifer Layla, Jessi Nowack, Joanna Beatty, Jon Tanton, Josh Grelle, Justin Briner, Kimlinh Tran, Kirran Somerlade, Landon Lipinski, Leo Wiggins, Linus Chan, Malika Butler, Mark Allen Jr., Michael A. Zekas, Mike Hecht, Mike Quarrato, Nathan Sharp, Nicole Martino, Rochelle J. Chiang, Scott Frerichs