Shin Ultraman

SHIN ULTRAMAN is a new adaptation of legendary original “Ultraman” and “Ultra Q” series. Written, co-produced and co-edited by Hideaki Anno (best known for creating “Evangelion”) and directed by Shinji Higuchi (best known for “Gamera: Guardian of the Universe”), the film is the second reboot of popular Tokusatsu series to be adapted and presented by the team. To date, Shin Ultraman is the most commercially successful Ultraman film and gained international critical claim.

About Shin Ultraman (via ANN)

With the emergence of giant, violent monsters known as “S-Class Species,” the Japanese government has formed the SSSP to study and formulate how to defeat them. During one such monster attack, the SSSP is shocked to gain a new ally in their fight against the monsters: a silent silver giant who they name “Ultraman.”

The title released in theaters sub on January 11th and dubbed on January 12th, and will be coming to home video in the U.S. later this year. 


Cast and Crew:

Producer: Christopher Sabat
ADR Director & Engineer: Rawly Pickens
Assistant ADR Engineer: Austin Sisk
Mix Engineer: Rawly Pickens
Line Producer & Talent Coordinator: Brittany Lauda

ADR Script: Tyson Rinehart
ADR Prep: Bryson Baugus
Casting: Brittany Lauda – Kocha Sound
Production Assistant: Claire Boyer

Recorded at Okratron5000 Studios 

Main Cast:
Kaminaga: Chris Hackney
Dawn Bennett
Funaberi: Emily Frongillo
Tamura: John Burgmeier
Brandon McInnis
Munakata: Brook Chalmers
Mefilas: Jordan Woollen
Zarab: Kellen Goff
Zoffy: Theo Devaney
Lipiah: Steven Kelly

Supporting Cast:
Kagami: Matt Shipman
Komuro: Phil Parsons
Male Gov’t Leader: Jim Foronda
Nakanishi: Kyle Hebert
Okuma: Charlie Campbell

Boy A: Michelle Rojas
Boy B: Brittany Lauda
Boy C: Leo White
Female Anchor A: Brittany Lauda
Female Official A: Michelle Rojas
Female Staff A: Cassie Ewulu
Girl A: Madeline Dorroh
Girl B: Lizzie Freeman
Male Analyst: Daman Mills
Male Commander A: Clifford Chapin
Male Commander B: Mike Haimoto
Male Commander C: Christopher R. Sabat
Male DPA Agent A: Daman Mills
Male DPA Agent B: Christopher R. Sabat
Male FA Officer: Frank Todaro
Male Guard:
Christian Thorsen
Male Intelligence Director: Kyle Hebert
Male Officials: Mike Haimoto, Phil Parsons, Frank Todaro, Christopher R. Sabat, Y. Chang, Jim Foronda, Alex Mai, Charlie Campbell
Male Platoon Officer A:  Y. Chang
Male Platoon Officer B:
Alex Mai
Male PM Advisors: Phil Parsons, Jim Foronda, Daman Mills, Y. Chang
Male Police Commissioner: Alex Mai
Male Police Officer A: Alex Mai
Male Police Officer B:
Y. Chang
Male Server A: Alex Mai
Male Soldiers: Aaron Dismuke, Kyle Hebert, Yussef Benelbar, Daman Mills
Male US Pilot: Christopher R. Sabat
Man A: Landon McDonald
Man B: Y. Chang
Toddler: Brittany Lauda
Woman A: Madeline Dorroh
Woman B: Cassie Ewulu
Woman C: Lizzie Freeman
Woman D: Cassie Ewulu

Additional Voices:

Landon McDonald
Leo White
Madeline Dorroh
Yussef Benelbar
Christian Thorsen
Lizzie Freeman