REBORN! (also known as KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! or HITMAN REBORN!) is an anime based on the gag manga turned battle shonen of the same name that ran in “Shonen Jump” magazine from 2004 to 2012. It celebrates it’s 20th anniversary in May 2024, and has consistently released merchandise since it’s original run as well as placed high on consumer polls as an influential title. As huge fans of the series, Matt and Brittany helped fund a test dub with permission from Japan and the US license holder to bring attention back to their favorite series, which never received a dub, and show that it can have success with a western audience despite never being officially released until after it’s original run.

When Discotek Media obtained rights for the OVA, it was decided that Kocha Sound would dub the OVA as well and their three test episodes would release on the same disc as the OVA as a “fan disc” – a disc made for the fans to celebrate the series and give a taste of what a REBORN! dub could be like. With enough support from the fanbase, Brittany and Matt hope that this can prove that the REBORN! fandom is alive and well and that a company’s further investment in Kocha’s dub or a potential revival would be celebrated. Please support our release, and let license holders know you’d like to see more!

About REBORN! (via ANN)

Tsuna is a hapless youth with low test scores and lower self esteem. His mother hires a tutor to help Tsuna out, but it comes as a surprise to the both of them when the tutor is a baby named Reborn, claiming to be from the Mafia. Reborn informs Tsuna that he’s the next heir to the Vongola mafia family and tries to help Tsuna reach the goal. Reborn possesses the Dying Will bullet, which kills a person and brings them back to life to fulfill the last regret they had, and even works to get Tsuna some henchmen to make him a true mafia boss-in-training.

Most recording is done entirely remote during COVID-19, with actors all using their own equipment from home across the country. 

Cast and Crew:

Voice Over Production by Kocha Sound LLC

Producer: Brittany Lauda
ADR Director: Brittany Lauda
Assistant ADR Director: Matt Shipman
ADR Engineer:
Matt Shipman
Assistant ADR Engineer:
Brittany Lauda
ADR Writer:  Matt Shipman
ADR Prep:
Bryson Baugus, Ben Balmaceda
Casting Director:
Brittany Lauda
Additional Session Prep:
Rawly Pickens, Drew Jacinto
Italian Language Coach: Anthony Rombaldi

Mixing and Stereo Remastering:
Haste Pro – Ricardo Contreras
Lead Mixing Engineer:
Ricardo Contreras

Main Cast:
Reborn: Veronica Taylor
Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Sawada: Brittany Lauda
Hayato Gokudera: Matt Shipman
Takeshi Yamamoto: Zeno Robinson
Ryohei Sasagawa: Ricco Fajardo
Rokudo Mukuro: Chris Hackney
Kyoya Hibari: Jonah Scott
Lambo: Erica Mendez 
Kyoko Sasagawa: Dani Chambers
Haru Miura: Madeleine Morris
I-Pin: Julia Gu

Supporting Cast:
Bianchi: Michelle Rojas
Xanxus: Christopher R. Sabat
Superbia Squalo: Kellen Goff
Lussuria: David Wald
Levi-A-Than: Bill Butts
Belphegor: Brandon McInnis
Ken Joshima: Khoi Daoi
Chikusa Kakimoto: Cody Savoie
Lal Mirch: Kristen McGuire
Nosaru: Michael Kovach
Tazaru: Imari Williams
Byakuran: Y. Chang
Dr. Shamal: Alejandro Saab

Tetsuya Kusakabe: Patrick Seitz
Hana Kurokawa: Emily Frongillo
Nana Sawada: Krystal LaPorte
Futa de la Stella: Ciarán Strange
Giannini: Alex Mai
Dino: Aaron Dismuke
Romario: Rawly Pickens
Roll: Jonah Scott
Kojiro: Zeno Robinson
Garyu: Ricco Fajardo
Uri: Matt Shipman
Mochida: Brandon Acosta

Additional Voices:

Bryson Baugus
Cris George
Kevin Thelwell
Alex Mai
Ben Balmaceda
Lucas Schuneman
Kellen Goff
Chris Niosi
Khoi Dao
Chris Hackney
Kristen McGuire
Julia Gu

Michelle Rojas
Erica Mendez
Krystal LaPorte
Michael Kovach
Alejandro Saab
Y. Chang
Cody Savoie
Emily Frongillo
Patrick Seitz